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  • Sarah Marshall

    Sarah Marshall

    I am like other girls. Writer @BelieverMag @NewRepublic @ELLEMagazine @ThisIsFusion &c. / Co-host @TheFeelingsClub / RT = Marry me

  • Andrew Liptak

    Andrew Liptak

    Geek writer. https://andrewliptak.substack.com/

  • Ava James

    Ava James

  • susan j anuskewic

    susan j anuskewic

  • Marilyn Jupp

    Marilyn Jupp

  • Daniel Spagnolo

    Daniel Spagnolo

    UX/UI Product Designer / Striving to build products that are inclusive and make peoples lives better. https://ux.danielspagnolo.com

  • Mathias Leopold Hoerlesberger

    Mathias Leopold Hoerlesberger

    I write about design, history and philosophy — sometimes all at once. UX & Service Designer at dmcgroup. previously worked in Lobbying.

  • Sarah Decker

    Sarah Decker

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